1 Jun 2011

Large Fund Flows Into Silver Will Cause Spike

With the US dollar weaker once again and gold and silver mixed, today King World News interviewed Bill Fleckenstein President of Fleckenstein Capital to get his take on where these markets are headed.  

When asked about recent turmoil in the silver market Fleckestein stated“People have to recognize that silver is a much smaller market than gold, and as a consequence is more volatile.  One of the reasons why some of the big numbers on the upside get tossed around is that if a lot of money decides it wants to own silver, given the size of the silver market, then it could trade at some big price.”
“But the downside of a smaller market and a volatile market is that you can have moments in time where it hits a bit of a vacuum.  I think that one needs to be prepared to see the price 10% lower at any moment in time if not 15% lower and have it not mean much because that’s just the nature of the beast.

Full Interview at KWN

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