29 May 2011

Marc Faber Says Prepare for War, Inflation…What About Pestilence?

Famed doomsayer Marc Faber did not disappoint at the Ira Sohn investing conference Wednesday.
In a wide-ranging presentation filled with shots at Ben Bernanke and the Fed commissioners, Faber predicted the Fed will continue to print money.
That means cash and bonds should not be considered safe assets.
He also ominously predicted escalating tension with China and in the Middle East: “You have to prepare for the next war, and, in war commodities go ballistic.”
He urged investors to diversify assets and hold everything from precious metals and commodities to real estate and equities.
And if they hold gold, it might be good to spread their holdings all over the world — Australia, Switzerland, Singapore, Beijing.
“You have to prepare yourself. Diversify.”

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