30 Jun 2011

3 Cracking Videos to watch NOW!

Videos as posted on SilvergoldSilver.. If you havent already, I suggest you bookmark his site.

As posted by him:
"We are either going into a Depression or Hyperinflation. The Dollar will be coming down and things will get tough. The Government is inflating the stock market along with the banks. The quiet before the storm. I feel it in my bones that we are on the brink of something big and bad. Get your S*#t together. The end of QE2, pushing the Debt Ceiling , Greece, Spain, Japan....all coming to a head. This scenario may begin this week considering the most recent report that the Greek military is threatening a military coup if parliment imposes more austerity measures. So its either default of revolution resulting in default. The Global Ponzi scheme is about to tumble like the house of cards it is. I wish i had more time to prepare. AND what makes matters worse is that available food will be an issue soon because of floods and droughts. There is no contingency plan for the average citizen. You are expendable. And if you're a patriot that is deemed an extremist, you are disposable. Watch Europe, for they will probably fall first, maybe.
This excites me as I have been waiting my whole life for this world we live in to change. The older I have gotten the more I understand that total and complete collapse is the only way the criminal sociopath 'managing' our world can be stopped.

Store food, guns/bullets and some form of real money. Make friends with your neighbor and build a community so you may protect each other.That was always my question.... how WILL these people act that haven't prepared for anything and then find themselves without money, food or water? I remember the LA riots and that wasn't over something personal. I can't imagine how the people will truly act when they have something very real staring them in the face and it is then personal to their SURVIVAL and their kids. The worst of humanity will take over until the NWO takes full control & that's when the bigger problems begin
When you support your local retailer, You are supporting your local economy. Before you decide to pump your money into corporate giants, Please consider that your local corner mom & pop stores are working hard to make ends meet. They are your neighbors and would like to feed their family as well.. So Instead of contributing to corporate executives Hawaiian Vacations, Shop at your local retail stores. support Your Neighborhood, Your Town and Your Economy."

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