11 Apr 2012

Price Manipulation in the Gold and Silver Market Explained: Mike Maloney

Welcome to Capital Account. Hedge funds and investors have reportedly been puzzled by weird movements in credit markets. According to the Wall Street Journal, markets have been rattled by one trader with deep pockets being called the "London Whale" who it's believed works for JP Morgan. It just goes to show how individuals and firms can move markets. Today, we'll talk about manipulation in the gold and silver markets with Mike Maloney, of GoldSilver.com. He believes that manipulation is going on (contrary to the words of Blythe Masters, who spoke with CNBC yesterday, affirming that JP Morgan is simply "hedging" it's silver positions with large open shorts), but that rather than being a bad thing for individual investors, simply presents an opportunity for buying more metal and cheaper prices. This is something that the state of South Carolina failed to grasp in a recent report it conducted, in which it found that the price of gold and silver is manipulated. Rather than concluding that this manipulation, rather than presenting an opportunity for investment, prohibits the state of South Carolina from investing in precious metals. An US payrolls for March rose far less than expected which means people are talking about an extension of the Federal Reserve's stimulus measures -- buzzing about more. We talk often about the malevolent effects of fractional reserve banking based on a pyramid of fiat liabilities and fiat currency, but what about the fractional reserve gold pyramid scheme? What about the gold ponzi scheme? We'll examine the evidence of, what CTFC commissioner Bart Chilton calls, "ponzimonium." And how does the entire manipulation go down? Mike Maloney has presented us with a fantastic chart that shows how trading in Gold during market ours in the US differs greatly from that in after-market hours, and how well an investor would do had he or she bought gold at various times during the day over the course of the bull market.

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