18 Jun 2011

Anonymous OpESR Status Update: Empire State Rebellion Day 1

Media Operation Success, Phase 1 Cyber Operation Success, Ground Operation Fail, Moving Forward
OpESR Status Update: Empire State Rebellion Day 1While we have launched this movement beyond expectations throughout Media and Online Operations, and have achieved success in Phase 1 of Cyber Operations, our first step in Ground Operations has been insufficient.
Here is our first Status Report: 6.15.11
Media Operation Success (MO1)
Our message has spread throughout the media faster than expected. The new Anonymous OpESR video already has over 275,000 views on one YouTube account. Our demands are being broadcast throughout all forms of media. An initial primary objective was to get people talking about the following goals:
* End the campaign finance and lobbying racket
* Break up the Fed & Too Big to Fail banks
* Enforce RICO laws against organized criminal class
* Order Ben Bernanke to step down
Here is a small sampling of media coverage:

Wall Street Journal: Anonymous Targets Bernanke
CNBC Morning Call: Anonymous: Bernanke Is Next
Ground Operation Fail (GO1)
Given that this was the first day of Ground Operations, we were not expecting large turnouts. However, the public protests throughout 23 cities attracted less people than expected. According to reports from participants, the average turnout was only 12–25 people per protest site. This is an unacceptable number. Given all the media coverage, online chatter and 275k views on our video, it seems most people are content with taking a passive role. This is not how operations succeed. If we are to achieve success, you must take your own action and be a leader. We are confident in our numbers and strength online, but we must urgently evolve into a much stronger offline force as well.
Despite small turnouts, participants have reported back stating that many people were given information and were very supportive of our goals. For example, Russell Cohn reported from the San Francisco protest site: “We handed out 300 flyers and got interviewed for the local ABC evening news. We definitely continued the process of turning the tide of awareness!” These type of activities must continue with frequency and grow in size. Please take it upon yourself to plan public protests and distribute information widely. Anything you can do to rebel against the system of economic tyranny in a non-violent manner is welcome.
Move Your Money Operation (MYMO)
It is hard to measure the total success of the first day of the Move Your Money Operation. We have had over 150 people report that they moved their money out of the big banks on the 14th. In the overall scheme of things, this is a small number. However, we take great pride in every dollar that is moved out of the global banking cartel’s grasp. Thank you to everyone who followed through on this effort. If you are one of the people who still has not removed your support from the big banks, please let us know when you do by posting toTwitter #OpESR, OpESR Facebook page or the A99 social network group.
We Applaud The Liberty Park 4 (LP4)
The most ambitious ground operation launched on Day 1 was in New York City’s Financial District, just a few blocks from Wall Street, at Liberty Park. The protest only attracted 16 people in total, with only 4 people ready to occupy the park indefinitely. While this operation was a fail due to lack of participants, we want to thank the event organizer Gary Roland and the three other people who were prepared to occupy the park: David DeGraw, Oren Clark and Kevin Dann.
Getting people to stand up in this way requires a very strong commitment that most people have not yet realized will be necessary and in their best interests. As we continue Awareness Operations and build momentum, we will reactivate this part of our Ground Operation at a future date. We have set up a social network group dedicated to planning this operation. If you are ready to peacefully occupy a public place, please join the planning group here.
Phase 1 Cyber Operation Success (P1CO)
Statement from Anonymous A99:
OpESR Cyber Operations have been successfully launched and are progressing as planned. Once Ground Operations prove more successful, and the people have demonstrated their support for the operation’s goals, we will execute the final phase of OpESR, our largest operation to date.
Given the decentralized and amorphous nature of Anonymous, there is no way to know what smaller-scale operations are in progress.
OpESR is designed to expose corruption and scandalous actions on the part of central bankers and their servants within government. We will avoid the further destruction of personal wealth for 99.9% of the population at all costs.
Anonymous A99 OpESR seeks to empower people and return wealth to the population.
Anonymous A99 is an enemy of the organized criminal class.
Anonymous A99 is an enemy of the global banking cartel that has impoverished a record-breaking number of people and created the most severe inequality of wealth in American history.
Anonymous A99 fights for the good of the general population.
We The People.
We Are Legion.
Expect Us.

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